Saturday, April 30, 2011

seeing with fresh eyes

believe in your journey

I’ve enjoyed my 3 days back in my art world this week. I do so love our kids but with them back at school this week I feel I can get to all the things that are vying for attention in my head.

‘Believe in your Journey’ emerged from my studio this week and I’m so thrilled to be able to offer prints of it on etsy with a couple of my other recent collage pieces.

Here’s the story… I was happily pulling things together for a photo shoot of my prints, something I love to do and reminds me of my time at Myer in the Visual Merchandising Dept. I’d actually finished taking photos and was putting everything back where it was when I saw all the ‘special stuff’ I had piled on one piece of furniture. It’s all important, special bracelet that was a gift, special necklace, a brooch passed down through family….. it was all special!


I decided that loads of special stuff doesn't make the space more special. It just becomes ‘stuff’. So I pared it down, tidied up and put away. My hubby would be so pleased. He is a minimalist, who loves clear lines and absolutely no clutter or collections. I have no doubt that living with me, the collector is a challenge…. one that we continually work on to make sure we are both happy.

So here is the after shot. And I love looking at this now. My new favourite print, my black velvet cylinder purse that I use to hold my jewelry, my special family brooch, my grandmas perfume bottle, my rings, my badge from the workshop I took with Laurie Mika ...


Now it feels clean and clear and I love that energy as I pass by it. Fresh eyes my friends, fresh eyes.

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Audrey said...

I just love this painting Nic, and the clearing you did feels so much more spacious. Really enjoyed this post - seeing with fresh eyes is right up my street right now!