Thursday, March 10, 2011

possibilty in everything

didn't I tell you anything is possible
didn't I tell you anything is possible in this Déjà vu?
Journal page -Inspiration Avenue

Lately I’ve been reminded about seeing the possibility in everything!

Here’s how the story goes…I am slowly making my way around twitter, thanks to some great information from Notes on Paper. You know I've mentioned Julie before... but truly she is a twitter angel from heaven! I've been putting into practice Julies pearls of wisdom, navigating the ins and outs of tweeting. And after finding Karen Chookooloonks Walrond ‘Different is Beautiful’ I decided to follow her on twitter. I got brave and replied to one of her tweets, I almost chickened out, but the voice in my heart encouragingly told me to “go for it”. The conversation was about wearing western boots when you’re not really that western but love them anyway. Last winter I feel in love with a pair of pink + brown cowgirl boots but they weren’t my size and not ‘that’ practical in the subtropics… and my tweet was along those lines.

Karen tweeted me back (truly I almost had to pick myself up off the floor, yes she tweeted me a message) saying that if they wear boots in Texas I could wear boots in Australia.

Lightbulb moment...but wait there is more....

And then a little twitter gem in an corner of this online world from Copper Leaf Studio….

"Twitter is PEOPLE. Being real people. Some people are cool, some are dingbats, some are All Business All The time, some only ever talk about themselves.

But here's the beauty of twitter -- you are surrounded by real people. Think for a second... picture in your head someone you admire. I don't mean like your mom, I mean like someone who you wish you could be when you grow up. Someone who is a few steps ahead of you on the career ladder. Got someone in mind? What would you give to be in an elevator with that person? What would you say if you could have their ear for a moment? (probably not "LOOK WHAT I JUST LISTED: http//www.buymystuff")

Twitter is the elevator.

It doesn't mean if the other person might not be a jerk, or might ignore you or whatever, but it gives you the opportunity to make a connection with someone who would otherwise be out of reach. "

Yep I got the message loud and clear. Anything is possible, especially when I see the possibilities, not the challenge .Here’s to being brave + bold, cowgirl boots + sweaty socks!!


Karen from Chookooloonks said...

Heck yeah, here's to all of it!

And I think I'm buying my boots this weekend. You do the same. :)

Thanks for the lovely shout-out,


Nic Hohn said...

Awww Karen, I'm getting all emotional reading your comment.. and yep boots are definitely on my radar.

Deanna said...

Very chic. I really like how you accented her eyes with the swirls.

Alison said...

Nic I have bought 3 pairs of boots since living in London! When I return to the Bay we can start a 'boot revolution'!

Nic Hohn said...

I like the sound of a boot revolution Alison!!

Pauliina said...

She's cool and chic at the same time!
I love your doodle "ladies".

Dolly Daydreams said...

Beautiful piece of art . Love it. Marie

Anna Bartlett said...

Hey, I knew there was a reason I bought Cowboy boots last month!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Fun, fun, FUN- I love the little extra touches of swirl!

Kristin Dudish said...

Wonderful... you are right - anything is possible!


p.s. I think you would totally rock some pink and brown cowboy boots!

priti.lisa said...

Great artwork!
And I love the story...possibilities are endless!

artangel said...

Love your image - she's beautiful! And keep wearing those cowboy boots ;)

Kat W said...

Lovely expressive art work & a good take on this week's theme. And your post was great - full of wisdom, inspiration & truth. Seeing possibility in everything is a wonderful way to approach life.

I love the internet for the reason you mention "the opportunity to make a connection with someone who would otherwise be out of reach". And through your post you've given us links to make lots more connections. Thanks!

Kat :-)

gemma said...

Pure potentiality...
Your art is so pretty.

Magpie said...

This is beautiful. Oooh, those eyelashes!

I loved the inspirational story also. I'm not much of a tweeter, but the same can apply to the internet in general, so true about connecting with someone you'd never dream of knowing otherwise.

cypress sun said...

yes. i love this perspective on twitter. it sort of scares me. i feel like i'm talking to myself in the corner. but...every good thing has scared me in the beginning.