Tuesday, March 8, 2011

embracing my past history

I love watching anything about collecting and vintage finds.The bower bird in my heart gets all fluttery. yes be still my beating heart.... Whilst watching The Best of the Collectors I was glued to the words from the founder of Mambo, an Australia surfwear company that's global. He'd been collecting pieces of Mambo designs since the biz began and talked about preserving and embracing the history of his artsy biz as it was the foundation of where they were today.

Like a lightening bolt, I got it.Let go of any embarrassment I may have had in the past and embrace my history, where I've been + what I've created. It is part of who I am as an artist, today..I was inspired to go through my blog of over 600 posts, 5 yrs worth and added labels to my post. I now feel proud and honored to share my history with you....and along the way I discovered these pics that I never shared.

mens shoes wide shot
Mens Shoe Department

This was one of my stint of in the Visual Merchandising team at Myer Depart store, 2006. I was employed to paint murals on the walls of a number of department areas.

mens shoes

swim wall
Girls Swim wear wall

mens fashion
Mens Fashion Wall

Kidswear Wall

fitting room
Girls Fitting room

dream boat
Half a boat in Babywear.

Part of the brief for these jobs was that I would be ok with these murals being painted over if and when the designs changed. Its been a while since I've been into the store as we have moved away from the area. But the fact remains, I did an amazing job, loved creating something on this scale.The store manager got great feedback from the state manager.... they were the best murals he'd seen in any of the Queensland stores...

so why would I want to hide history like that? not any more.

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Audrey said...

These are AMAZING Nic...I'm so glad you've shared them (at long last!!)

Truly beautiful & full of creative imagination.
Well done!

Audrey x