Thursday, January 27, 2011

welcome in, I'm in my fluffy slippers!

so here I am at my front door, welcoming you into my home with my fluffy slippers on. yep its the middle of summer and it is bizarre that I have my sheep skin slippers on, put there is a reason in my madness. always is isn't there?

a few days ago I read this post at Cypress Sun Jewelry (I do love to visit Amy!) about Imperfect Blogging. I was inspired to shared with her a recent aha moment I had about conversations + blogging. how I understand there needs to be a balance of light and shade in all things, not just in art but in words, in conversations + in blogging.

"I had a light bulb moment a couple of weeks ago I'd like to share... Recently I visited a dear-to-my-heart girl friend. Most of our conversations are deep and meaningful, always helpful + loving, sharing of stories where we both come away feeling some amazing resolution from our discussion. I felt this visit was not like that at all. it had a different tone, with conversation about things in general. maybe it was because her children+ hubby were involved in the conversation...but I came away feeling like we hadn't connected.

What I realized later was that we HAD connected and that not ALL our conversation has to be empowering, intense or problem solving. it can just BE. and I felt like I had got to know part of her on a different level... and I "got" that my blogging can be the same. it doesn't always have to be profound, it can just be....and maybe this is a side of me my readers haven't seen yet, a side that I am now happy to share because this is the real me opening the door to visitors with my slippers on!"

and there was a moment of relaxed ease. that its ok to talk about everyday stuff, because that is part of who I am and who we are as artists, bloggers, creators. Being profound all the time can be too intense and a lot of self pressure ...I'm wanting to welcome some fun and good feelings when I blog + read. And I love visiting other blogs that get this too. Like this Red Tshirt post! it just makes me want to smile.....

ps. Amy is giving away a monthly gift voucher, every month to anyone who subscribes to her newsletter. She creates beautiful soulful jewelry. Truly worth checking out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic, love the fluffy slippers and it's message - but in 30 deg heat :)Maryse xx

cypress sun said...

love this!

i really struggled with posting "the imperfect blogger", but i'm glad i did. we definitely need to take ourselves more lightly.

i really need some slippers to remind me... and because it is cold here!

Robin Norgren said...

very good post Nic my friend. Why are always having to fight to NOT PUT so much pressure on ourselves. Let the fun and the silly and the mundane and the sad come forth!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Love this post Nic. We do put so much pressure on ourselves sometimes that it takes the pleasure out of it. Timely reminder