Sunday, January 23, 2011

some heart sharing

on the wings

On the Wings of ~ Journal page

School goes back tomorrow. And I am looking forward to having my days back to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love school holidays + having the kids around, but 7 weeks is a long time, especially when its been raining on and off. they are even looking forward to getting back to school. I figure this means they have had a good holiday and are truly ready + enthused about the year ahead. I did manage to have moments in my studio and with a new resolution in hand… its a biggy and really I had little idea on where to start other than just to start.

I began exploring some techniques that I love playing with.seemed like a good place to start..

authentic self
In Search of ~ Journal page

I am most determined to find my inner creative heart. and to be comfortable in that it, nurture it, believe in know it is authentic to me. to watch it grow and blossom.

there has been much talk about this on blogs of late…and my thoughts are a whole other post. (I have some unusual thoughts/ideas on this one and need my brave heart on to be able share...)

air woman

Fly With Me ~ Journal page

I know in my heart that finding your own ‘authentic style’ can be mentally challenging. Its challenging because is so easy to be self critical + compare with others.

'It takes tremendous courage to follow where your innate gifts lead, as that often means venturing into unfamiliar territory, forging a path that is wholly your own and not mapped out by someone else.' Lisa Sonora Beam

grow with me

Grow With Me ~ Journal page

But I’m going with my ‘warts + all’ theory. I’m not totally happy with the outcome, but I know its progress. I used to feel that I could only share well crafted finished piece, but I want you to journey with me, to see what discoveries I’m making along the way, how its all progressing, my mistakes that might just spiral off into an amazing design element or technique that I have giving birth to...i want you to be there. to be part of all of it. I want to share my creative journey with you!

Walk with me and Grow with me…


Kate said...

All these pages are wonderful. THe ladies are different and so expressive. I've really seen your art grow by leeps and bounds this past year. I think you have found your authentic self.


Alison said...

I love these ladies Nic, especially the 'Fly with me' and 'Grow with me' ladies. They are gorgeous!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Nic - Have to tell you that I just adore your new banner and I think these pages are really lovely - I am drawn to their open-ness and gorgeous clear colours. As always I am inspired by your approach and honesty and just hope to grow along with you!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Nic, your new work are soo gorgeous!! I really adore On the Wings of and Grow With Me! Glad to knwo you have some "me" time when the little ones go back to school. :) Have a lovely merry happy week lovely friend! Love to you!

cypress sun said...

these images are so soulful, nic. the kind of gals i'd like to hang out with!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Beautiful pages Nic. I really love the way you used the pages in the hair. You inspire me to get over my fear of watercolours and just jump in. I would be happy to grow with you

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Nic,

What tallents you behold, love your work and love your new colours. Whatever you apply yourself to seems to be working. Especially love the 'fly with me' journal page. Keep up the good work and stay with the colour change it is magical.