Friday, October 29, 2010

How about you?

a late night shot of my postcard sets

Tonight I'm finishing off, labeling and feeling at peace that my creative goodies have come feels so good to be listening to my inspiration and ideas. I've found display boxes and vintage 'things' that are just perfect to hold all this goodness. Setting up a table to see how things sit with each other has been the best thing. I can see what works and what doesn't.....

Tomorrow afternoon I'm setting up a table for a 'Girls Night In' in support of Breast CancerAwareness at my local Curves Gym. I'm looking forward to seeing how my new goodies shall be received and how scrumptious my table looks. Truly I'm thrilled with how its happened in such a serendipitous way.

Girls a little side note on Breast Cancer....I've been told that the funds raised are making a difference. This difference is being seen in a greater number of women recovering. And thats wonderful. We're seeing our nation supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with footy teams wearing pink, cricket teams playing with pink, pink beards, bikers doing rides in pink even etsy put together a pink treasury.....there is definitely greater awareness in our community.

Please excuse me while I jump on my soap box for a moment. for me, when it comes down to it, we can wear all the pink we like but girls we got be responsible for our own boobs! Nothing's going to change unless we check ourselves regularly. its up to us. prevention is better than cure. and I'm making that commitment to myself. How 'bout you?


Jacky said...

Great cause and yes, its uncomfortable getting those mammograms...but so worth it to detect anything early.
Good message your sending out there Nic.
Good luck with your arty goodness you will be selling. What lovely Christmas pressies!

Jacky xox

jacqueline said...

WOW your postcards sets are awesome! :) Such a wonderful cause and yes im making this commitment to myself too! Thanks so much sweet nic for a wonderful reminder that we have to care for ourselves. Have fun at the girls night in and oh i hope you take photos of your table...would love to see! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!