Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tweet with me.....

the inspiration came to me to join the branches of the twitter tree. and so here I am, learning as I go how twitter works. and how best I enjoy receiving other peoples messages and thinking about what messages I would love to share.

so what is twitter? I see twitter as another way to communicate and connect, with smaller can read them via your computer or receive on your mobile phone like a sms. thats how I like to receive my tweets.kind of like a friend texting me with good news. and besides I think I spend enough time on the computer reading....

so what messages have I decided to share? positive ones. messages that pop into my head. affirming words and I know they are not just for me, but for all of us. with out a doubt.

so how does twitter work? if you click on this link it shall take you to the twitter page. here you get to login and most online things today it is free....once you have logged in and found my page there is an phone icon near the word following.this is what you click on if you want to receive your messages by phone. And Hey I am no expert on twitter so please use your intuition to find your way around. I am learning too!

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