Tuesday, February 23, 2010

affirming prints

I love being surrounded be positive messages. They remind me of where I'm heading and help to dispell that blabbing that goes on in my head at times. don't want to give that one anymore energy ! I've put together some prints of my most recent paintings with some affirming words, machine stitching and some recycled pages from books that relate to the energy of the painting. Cosmic girl has pages from a book called "The Heavens" and the Determined girl in "I Shall" has street directory names stitched to her back. Nothing like a bit of direction!

They have just been listed on etsy and come with an off-white matt board and foam core backing. Both fit beautifully into ready made frames of 11 x 14".

I'll be out scouting the stores for frames this week....want to get some white frames.When these original girls go to the artshow I shall still be reminded of their messages.

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