Monday, February 1, 2010

as the sunsets

my hubby took this out on his boat, late afternoon

the sun has set on January and my pledge to blog everyday has stood the test of the month....with the exception of a few days that had technical hiccups....

My sweet soul sister suggested I commitment to blogging everyday of the that even possible? I'm sure some artist do, but I don't think I'll be one of them. Having said that, I have enjoyed blogging on such a regular basis. I felt a need to stretch my photography, wanting to see things differently and to capture the intrigue, to use words to describe in a delicious way and to share my real life. Thank you for being part of this sharing, and even if there was a hint of inspiration or connection you felt when you visited, then I am doing what my heart has lead me do and what I believe in.

And to top the closing of the month (although that was yesterday) I am happy to announce that Kate shall receive my 501 Giveaway Original painting.

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Kym Breeze said...

What a great shot and lovely sunset..Congrats to Kate I know she will love having one of your paintings...

Hope to see you soon hugs to all xoxo Kym