Monday, January 25, 2010

501 Celebration!! ~ original giveaway

This is my 501st post. I've been blogging since 2006 , not really thinking how far into the future I'd be posting.Yesterday 500 post popped up and I decided it was time to celebrate.Champagne for everyone!

Blogging has been such an important way for me to connect with other creative souls. At first it was like a visual window into another world of creativity that opened up so many possibilities.I was in awe...totally. I plucked up the courage to start my own, not really knowing if I had anything to share, but feeling drawn and inspired to create this space of art and words.Learning many lessons along the way.....some soul sharing and bearing.

I am grateful that you come and visit, read and perhaps leave a comment on the days you feel inspired to write pearls of wisdom or joy.In full celebration mode I am gifting this original painting, 'Daisy Days' (32cm x 42 cm), reflecting that joyful time of picking daisies as a child.

If you would love to have the opportunity of having this hanging on your wall in your home, please leave some inspired or positive shall be open for a week with a name chosen next Monday.

You would have thought, Happy 501 Blogging Posts xoxo


Alison said...

Hi Nic, Just thought I would add my name to your competition. I just love this painting, as I do all your work. If I am fortunate enough to win it I will organise with you somewhere to leave it in the Bay for me for the next year. XXX

Anna Bartlett said...

"May good fortune be your constant companion."
H Jackson Brown Jr.
"A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week."
General George Patterson
Hey, I've just enrolled into an HTML and Dreamweaver course at Tafe starting in Feb.
Good things for all of us!
As you know, I love your work.
Congrats on 501!

Kate said...

"Some think that to show pain is a sign of weakness, but being honest even when hurt, sad or in need, is a true sign of strength" Ged O'Halloran

Hi Nic, I wanted to share this quote with you because presently it really rings true for me. I volunteered in the children’s festival at the Woodford Folk Festival between Christmas and New Year... it was an amazing experience. Just like I journaled at the Christmas workshop… it was all about me (as I went alone), it was a life changing holiday, I talked to strangers, saved the world (well my world anyway)… and it has filled me with confidence. I was also blessed to meet some amazing people, I learned so much about myself, and had an incredible Reiki healing. I have found my strength!
I’m looking forward to you’re next workshops and hope they won’t be too far away…

morganna said...

Love the painting, love your blog! It's always so inspiring to me. Congrats on 501!

Brenda Grace said...

Nothing inspiring from me today I am afraid, I am looking for inspritation to be truthfull - just a big hello, congrats on the big 501 and may there be many more. Bxxx