Sunday, October 4, 2009

some crazy things I've painted

With some 'things' coming out of storage this bar fridge resurfaced. I painted with much enthusiasm a few years started out completely pink and my hubby kind of freaked out, so the design evolved.The fridge is fully functional and was part of my first solo exhibition. Love that unexpected exhibition was far from just paintings on the walls. My thoughts began to spiral and recall many other crazy inspired things I've got my brush to.....

A commissioned piece that was very special. A pregnant belly is now hanging in Mia Graces room.

A chair that now hangs out with many other arty chairs at the Chocolate Cottage Cafe.

A mail box for an ex Texan, now Australian. I'm suer the mailman wouldn't have missed delivering mail to this one!

I had a burning desire to paint doors, so our children's preschool was only too happy to offer their doors for painting.

Ohhhh I've just thought of some more.....Some murals and .....I was commissed to paint and mosiac a toilet room, I'll see if I can find those pics for the next post.

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Brenda Grace said...

yep crazy - but gotta love the doors!