Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caution to the wind

one of the things I love to do is to create commissions for others...i know sometimes this can be a tricky field to create in, but it gives me so much joy to create artwork with meaning. What you are looking at here is the beginning of a third commission for a beautiful English family that bravely moved to Australia for a change... These little garments are the children's christening gowns. Em has courageously entrusted these special pieces to me, to be transformed into an artwork.

The essence of the piece is to be about Mothers Love.

I have to admit I have been putting this piece aside for sometime, feeling very precious about what I have been asked to cut up. But I can escape this no is time to begin. So bravely with scissors I shall begin the transformation. Do I need to have another cup of tea before I start snipping? Ok, now I need to throw caution to the wind and just make a start. Do I sound like I am talking myself through this one? Oh Damn it Nic, Just Do It!


WhimsiGals said...

Just do it :-)


Brenda Grace said...

O what fun - wish I could have been in that one and even get on board with her program too - we all could do with that kinda drive from time to timeto keep us young and inspired!

Queen Of Toys said...

I have to stay tuned for this one, wow what fun and uncontrolled glee.