Friday, September 4, 2009

Rose Petal Tea Celebration

The first day of Spring has come and gone and I seem to be more aware of flowers growing in the gardens, the warming sun and the knowing that summer is really just around the corner. I did get to celebrate the first day of Spring, in my own way with a cup of Rose Petal tea at a lovely has been full pace this week with many 'things' needing attention other than creating.the reality of life. I have managed to make time to do some drawing.... once the house is quite and the kids are snugly tucked in bed.

I feel things maybe at this pace up for a while, so I'm mindful a scheduling some time out...Oh I hear my creative space calling....soon, soon.


alfrhnsby said...

good ...ok

Lady Di said...

I love the drawing ... I keep hearing my creativity calling, but then I see my desk!!

Anna Bartlett said...

Rose petal tea, that's lovely Dorothy!