Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moments in Time



Mother Nature is a scribbly Artist

lime moss

Her colour palette knows no bounds.

Since returning from Fraser Island I have felt positively different. in the sense of my own reality being in the process of change. past beliefs dissolving, challenges falling to the side and my heart feels so open. a loving that has no limits and a connection with my creative spirit and artistic energy like I have not felt before. its strengthed and I've gained courage. I feel it radiating from my heart....and it is simply delicious. I want it to last and last.

I have no doubt that this has come from our experience on Fraser Island. Our playfulness, our conversations, our Journaling, our Alters of is having a lasting effect. and I'm loving it.


Anna Bartlett said...

TERRIFIC! And you didn't have to have an actual baby to feel this way, lucky duck. Isn't it fantastic!

Lady Di said...

I'm always taking photos of nature too, I love all the colours and textures. Nic, there are a couple of awards on my blog if you're interested, if not I just want you to know that I love visitng your blog to see your beautiful art and feel your words.