Friday, September 25, 2009

being real

i am at a loss for words...not sure what to say or what not to say. but this is the place where I am real and true, not just about arty pictures, but about the realness of life and the role creativity plays in it.

my darling friend who was also my neighbour for the last 18 months, passed away earlier this week. She has began the next part of her journey.....

I felt the impact of loss when she recently moved back to Melbourne, knowing our friendship as we knew it was changing.I am deeply grateful for the many wonderful lessons I have learnt through our friendship and they will stay with me for a long time.....some small things and some HUGE. some that have become part of our daily life; cutting cucumber the 'Greek way', cooking turkey meatballs with tomato and garlic sauce and BIG things like learning to set boundaries, being true and looking fear in the eye. not forgetting to mention inspiring me to use the word BuBu for my card business.

the list could go on, but i know in my heart that in many ways her spirit lives on.
all is as its meant to be.


Alison said...

Nic, my love is being sent to you at this tough time. I know how hard it is to lose a wonderful and special friend. I know that you will work through it using all the grace, beauty and strength of your wonderful soul. Much love.


Studio Sylvia said...

I understand your loss Nic and I am sending you positive vibes. I lost a dear friend June last year and i still miss our chats and her smiles. I learnt this week that another long time dear friend, had a mastectomy two weeks ago and is awaiting aggressive chemo & radiation therapy. Wishing you healing time and sweet memories of a dear friendship.

Brenda Grace said...

thinking of you and knowing you have gained much and that you will treasure what is real forever

Jacky said...

How lovely to have had that special friendship with your neighbour...lovely to hear you recounting those special things!

Special hug in your time of loss.

Jacky xox