Monday, August 17, 2009

open mind to creativity

This week is the week. if you ever thought about having an open your mind to a different perceptive on creativity now is the time. this month is the month of Leo, he is the sign of creativity. and this week sees a New Moon and the Sun in Leo. wow....that is potent creative energy.

if you really want to get into the swing of things , the New Moon is the best time to do it. its the time the Universe is open to you setting your intentions, getting clear on what you truly want from your heart and your soul. Because we are such visual creative creatures planting your new seeds of intention in your journal or what ever form you feel inspired to create is going to have an impact on your creativity.

its important to get quiet within and ask 'what do I most need to express at the moment?" and "how can I affirm that in a positive light?"

The New Moon is at its most potent form on Thursday 20th 8.02am (Australian time). So if you can get your new seeds of creative intention on paper (it can be as simple as writing a few lines down) that is the best time to do it! If you are wanting to dig a little deeper or find out more Ashtara has many words of wisdom. The result of your intention is then illuminated during Full Moon. ( two weeks after the New Moon)

This is our own backyard, creativity is the stuff we artists use every day. not just in our art, but creativity is in our blood and it beats in our hearts.its worth finding out more about how creativity ticks through us.

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