Thursday, August 13, 2009

creating daily

Today I am organizing a collecting of paintings to go into the Kingfisher Lake Display Homes. This is the second batch to go on to the walls....with a new display home opening this weekend. Modern homes that back onto the lake. having always lived in homes that were on a huge amounts of land (i grew up on farmland in Victoria) its strange seeing water almost at the back door. although i'm sure it doesn't take much to get used to!

I've also been at my kids school a bit over the last few weeks. helping my daughters class with their art projects on Australian artists Pro Hart, Ken Done, Mambo, Tom Roberts and Albert Namatjira. They got to watch this on you tube...and loved it!

And my sons class has been creating with plaster, string and balloons. Oh its so much fun getting messy with the kids.

on the note of tv ads, i love this one Every Colour You Can Dream Of


Studio Sylvia said...

The paintings in the photo look great. I have always loved the Pro Hart carpet ads, they were always a favourite. "Oh Mr Hart!"

Lady Di said...

I used to love watching that Pro Hart ad ... sounds like you're having fun getting down and dirty with the kids.

venus said...
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