Tuesday, July 14, 2009


what can I say? Carolyn Taylor-Smith is a creative, humble, genius. I know she probably wouldn't want me to say that, and I acknowledge all her support staff and team....but Carolyn those ideas come from you and they are amazing. awe inspiring. magical.

I sat memorized for what seemed like fleeting moments. enchanted with the language of textiles, theatre and the dynamics that came together, a visual feast. i drank it up and it felt like home.

Carolyn shared an amazing amount of information. her philosophies, her inspiration, the small budget she easily works within, techniques, which included burning tearing sand papering, sandblasting (all for the broken down look),recycling customes, the amount of collaboration, priorities and the 6 week time frame to get all customes completed....no mean feet for a Shakespeare play.

I came away completely inspired and acknowledging the call of couture.it has been ever present but pushed down.not knowing what to do with it or how to express it.maybe i caught a glimpse of that in my last artworks....

my deepest thanks Carolyn, for re-igniting a flame within me.

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Anonymous said...

Go for it girl friend, you have it all inside of you and you are a wealth of creation waiting to happen...no matter what medium you work with...
so nice to see you and your lovely children the other day, thank you so much, so needed one of your hugs you make my world a better place, xoxo

Kym Breeze Artist