Wednesday, May 6, 2009

stitching and creating to my hearts content

Painting, stenciling, printing, stitching and gluing...does it get any better? I am in heaven at the moment, putting a collection of my hand drawn ladies together. And happily sewing clutch purses as well, with lace, paper, vintage fabric and other yummy goodies. I'm working towards having a few original creative goodies for I'll keep you posted when they are ready.

Hope you creative bug is biting you in all the right places!


Dot said...

Hi sweetie
Great title for a post! Love the sound of the new art you are creating and eagerly await photo's. Laughed at your comment about the creative bug biting us in the right places (it is certainly doing that for me right now).
Dot xx

Anonymous said...

it's great to have such a focus.. I am doing the same.. the time does go..