Sunday, May 10, 2009

nurturing love to all

"align"<"centre"mums rosette

I'm taking a moment away from my family to wish everyone nurturing love on this day. In Australia we are celebrating Mothers Day....a day we we connect with our mums or our children. And special love goes to all women. We all nurture in someway, there are 'children' that come into our lives that are deserving of our love and we fondly share what we have. There are older women who nurture us as our own mothers would if they were around. As women we nurture and recieve may not be in the conventional form, but Mothers Love is all abound.

Today I am acutely aware of having my own Mum in my life and blessed with my 2 children. And even though my children drive me crazy at times, I love them dearly.

This rosette is for Mum. I upcycled (I love all these words that have come from recycle) from some rosettes that were made for her 'mother of the bride' gown for our wedding. There were extras left over, weren't needed on the day.I added my vintage flavour to it. The darker green was from the bridesmaids dresses.I have been married for 18 years so they have been kicking around in my fabric box for a while. I knew they had a deeper purpose. And I love that there was so much meaning in the rosette.....and thank you mum, you have meaning in my life.


Jo Wholohan said...

hey chickie, love that word upcycle :)) so glad to finally be settled and get back into blogging heheee xx

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day, I'm sure your mum was thrilled. I hope you had a great day too.