Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm back in Hervey Bay. Have caught up on all the mounds of washing from the weekend away in Toowoomba and taking a small was a bit of a whirlwind weekend, sometimes I felt like I was literally running from one appointment/gathering to the next. I stopped on the side of the road to take this glorious photo, love the purple and green contrast all down the hill. A worthwhile moment.

I am itching to have some time to intergrate what I learnt at the retreat. playtime to see how it all fits into how I create, give it my own spin. And shall post some more photos of the retreat...still enjoying the memories of being there. What a creatively expanding experience, on many levels.


Anonymous said...

there's no place like home... I am circling my art table like a shark... soon it iwll be within arms reach...then watch out!

Dot said...

I agree with Denise that there is no place like home.

Thanks for taking time to take thhis gorgeous photo (the colors make my heart sing).

Looking forward to seeing more of your art and photo's of the retreat too.

Dot xx

Ro Bruhn said...

Hope your trip was successful Nic. I can see the lovely purple flowers appearing in one of your paintings.

Lady Di said...

Good to hear you're back home safe 'n' sound ... can't wait to see more of your retreat photos and artwork soon.
Love, Di :)

Serena said...

It's always nice to get back home. The photo is gorgeous...I like the perspective too.