Monday, November 3, 2008

girls day out

This is my Mum, we ( Mary, Mum and I) went out for lunch in Maryborough at Janet's Art.I have been sharing my inspiration and blogging world with Mary. So we both got such a surprise when we saw Anahata's goodies at Janet's! I'm sure mum was wondering what we were going on about, pouring over journals, cards and envelopes.... I love the smell of new books and paper, so I was smelling a card that I bought, saying to Mary 'This is American paper, smell it!' She is used to my weirdness now and just laughs and says 'You're funny'.

We had a lovely lunch and I enjoyed having a girlie day out.These flowers were in the courtyard of the cafe...they were just divine.

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Serena said...

a girl's day lovely! Anahata's art!