Saturday, August 2, 2008

new horizons

a collection. pearls, buttons, beads...some lace from my wedding gown, (I reused some of my mums wedding dress. It was made entirely of guipure lace!) some silk and an old bridal horse shoe I found in an op shop and a not so recent painting of mine.

I'm going to give this canvas a 'make-over'. It has some truly beautiful qualities, and so I'm going to enhance these with fabric and vintage goodies....somehow. I'm not so sure how it is going to come together,I just pulled some things out of the cupboard using the same tones letting inspiration guide me.

I read on Tejae's blog that she collects images that catch her eye before she puts a piece together (she even has a you tube about it! check it out!) So I'll see what inspiration comes my way.

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