Monday, August 4, 2008

fashion inspiration...old & new

Loads of inspiration has come to me... and I sat down yesterday with bridal good luck charm and had a closer look at it. I realised that it was hand made, edged with beautiful cotton lace and some floral wire beads hand stitched to it. I wanted to take the fabric off so I could make a rosette from it. But before I did I cast some thoughts to the hand stitching I was about to undo. I took a photo to capture this moment of reflection, wondering about who had made it, how old it was and the feelings and thoughts this person had about getting married, entering a phase of life.

As I slowly unpicked and unstitched I discovered what laid underneath. There is about 4 layers of cardboard, I have yet to undo, that were bound in fabric and thread.....cant wait to see what is printed on the cardboard.

I found some images that have been really inspiring....more fashion and couture. I have always been interested in fashion, but up until now I have not embraced it. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I left school, I even applied for University studies at RMIT in Melbourne but things didn't turn out the way I had thought and I moved to Queensland with my family....I feel now is time.So you may see alot more inspiration from my fashion passion and couture delights!

I love this image on the front cover of 'Lanvin'.. I've since discovered that Lanvin is a fashion house, steeped in heritage and one of the oldest couture house around. I just adore the way the fabric is draped to a rosette.

There are some absolutely gorgeous fabric flowers at Manon-Gignoux. I discovered them some time ago and listed them on my favourites, but didn't know how I could interpret them into my own work.

And finally a Valentino dress from Marie Claire mag. I am loving beige at the moment!


Bethel of Bethania said...

Now Nic this looks like fun ... what was on the peices of cardboard. Reminds me of hubby's aunts telling me when they knitted socks or made clothes for our chaps at war that they used to sew a wee message of encouragement into the garments letting the soldier know he was being thought of & admired. Please pop over to my blog I have awarded you with a BFF Gold Card ... thanks for the inspiration ... luv ... Bethel

Kate said...


I love reading your blog, I am a friend of Violette's. I am thinking of doing the Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching course and I was wondering what you thought of it. Could you email me about it. Thanks.


'fancypicnic' said...

I've hopped over from Cathy's novembermoon to take a peek at your blog. Nice to meet you! Very exciting, peeling back the layers...lovely photographs. xx Charlotte

dani (pyglet) said...

That Lanvin ad is just gorgeous!
...and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. =)

Serena said...

They are indeed lovely pics, Nic. I remember making a horseshoe good luck accessory for my sister when she got married. Of course, it wasn't vintage but it turned out pretty good.

My curiosity is killing me....was there anything written on the cardboard?