Friday, July 11, 2008

recent journeys

Discovering New Lands
900 x 1200

A commission I recently finished for some lovely English now Aussie friends. In the bottom part of the painting there are collaged pieces of map....from Verwood England and Highfields Australia.This painting is for a family that are adventurous travellers! It was a delight to paint this, and I know it is being enjoyed.thanks!

My recent trip back to Toowoomba was a great opportunity to see family and friends. We have been away for 6 months now, and it is always interesting to return where everything is so familiar, the streets, the hills, the cooling weather and yes my family and friends...I was wondering if I was going to step back into old patterns, thoughts and my old way of being. In the last few weeks especially I have really been focusing on becoming more the person who I am wanting to thoughts, acceptance, courage.So I returned with a renewed attitude, different perceptive, and gratitude for those moments that maybe I grumbled about before. It felt empowering. and clear.

Thanks to all my lovely friends who welcomed myself and my children into your homes with loving arms. I'm feeling grateful and thankful that I have such beautiful friends.

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Serena said...

It's lovely, Nic! I like the limited colours and layout. They will love it!