Sunday, June 29, 2008

magnolia vision

Magnolia Vision

51cm x 41cm

Here is the last of my paintings....i felt like i really let my hair down with this one. it reminds me of how i first started painting. i used to include black and white stripes or checker board patterning into my paintings. i hand drew the magnolia with ink and the circular image is from part of a drawing i did at collage many years ago. i made a lace stamp and used it on the leaves and the white images at the top of the painting..and then i sewed the lace piece on to the canvas. and i made a stencil for the white curly bits.the scrolling image under the magnolia is from a copyright image, thanks Anna.

So these painting are all packed up and my children and i are off to Toowoomba for a few days for school holidays.

Today when i was reading DJ's blog i read that she is coming down under for an artist retreat! It looks quite amazing, you can check it out at Creative Soul, registration opens on Tuesday for this just out of Melbourne art 'treat'....

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Serena said...

It's beautiful, reminds me of a cornucopia.