Wednesday, March 26, 2008

essence of depth

Sparrow Seeds
30cm x 21cm (12" x 8 1/4")

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. We did lots of tripping around, and so I'm catching up from having time away and then getting ready to trip off to Toowoomba this weekend for an Art Show opening and seeing friends and family....

This is a piece inspired by the cutout of the sparrow. That sparrow has had such a great life! I love the way pieces give birth to others, simply from the 'scrap' that is left over. I played with this piece on the sewing machine, so there is quite a bit of thread work in the petals, with the grey scale images coming from some of my original drawings. I love to build up layers, move then about, tearing and rearranging. It is so satisfying to have the versatility that paper provides. I also love the contrast of different patterns beside each other, with other elements showing through.Being witness to the layers that have happened before. I always liken art to past experiences showing through to my present and make up who i am today.Each layer just as important as the one before, even if there is only a glimpse, it is ever present. i love to capture the essence of depth.....

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