Thursday, March 27, 2008

content in the moment

yes, i'm feeling content sitting here right now. I've got my bags packed for a weekend away, and an art show to go to.Love to catch up with my arty farty friends!(sorry guys you are not all farty!) I've got my commissions finished and whilst there has been a number of tests this week i'm feeling ok. There seems to be more clarity in my thoughts and direction and i'm feeling that for the first time in a long while i know what i want and where i want to head. Not sure how to get there, i'm leaving that bit up to the Universe...more focused.

You can see a bit of Gloria in the back ground. She has had a bath, and I've dressed her a couple of times already. One of my daughters friends asked why i had 'her'...'it's just like a big doll and i get to play dress ups with her' i told her. She smiled and ran off to play.

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Serena said...

I remember my sister's friend used to have one of those store mannequins which she placed in the foyer entrance to her home. What fun she had dressing the mannequin and visitors used to look forward to seeing what the mannequin would be wearing next. What fun you must have with Gloria ~