Thursday, September 27, 2007


So you want to know were you can see and purchase my art, prints and jewellery, tshirts, cards, paper dolls and other creative goodies? Well there are a number of choices (as always).

My Home Studio
If there is anything you see here (on my blog/web page) that you connect with, you can email me or phone, to arrange a purchase, visit or viewing of the artwork. I am happy to invite you into my home studio to do this.This is where you can view artwork that is 'hot off the press'. Payment options are available including card facilities and layby.

Shiny Happy Art Studio
This is a local art studio that is situated at Mt Kynoch, and is open very Sunday. It features 4-5 local artists art creations and I am there every second Sunday. Every 4-6 weeks the studio is hung with new art, so there is always plenty to see. Card facilities and laybys are also welcomed here.

Red Bubble
This is an on-line store where you can order t-shirts and cards with designs from my art. The designs that are available I have ordered for myself and so know first hand how they fit and feel. Also found service at Red Bubble to be great. If you have any questions about the t-shirts or cards, please don't hesitate to ask.Payments can be made through credit card or Paypal.

It's also an online store that is art/craft based. I currently have jewellery and other accessories available. In the very near future prints of my work will be available here. Payments are made through Paypal.

Flickr Art Gallery
This is my on line gallery where you can view photos of my paintings and collage/mixed media artworks. It also includes some details of the pieces, and is updated often with new art.

So there are many options, and even if you see a work in progress that you are interested in email me for more details.

Where else can you find me?

  • Teaching Creative Journalling at Scrapbook Obsessions, Highfields
  • Weekend Retreat at Sketches
  • Individual Art Sessions/Consultations

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