Saturday, August 4, 2007

Many faces to a Portrait

These 3 artworks are a Tactile portrait I put together recently. I love so many different elements of the art world, texture, paint, themes, portraits, colour....the list goes on, believe me! I've been questioning where I fit in to this artistic world, sometimes feeling my art and what I create is somewhere in between 2 art worlds.I have been doing some astrology work on myself, it's a daily event, digging into my depths. The great thing is that I know when I have worked through the challenge the rewards of knowing myself better are magnificent! Wanted to share this very Aquarius energy, I feel that many creative souls have similar experiences, so I am not alone on this one.

This piece is one of my absolute favs! Of an evening the buttons sparkle with the light, like stars in the night.

This is like the Yin and Yang of my personalty.

This is the powerful depths, the love and the light.

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