Monday, August 6, 2007

Lucky Duck Challenge

Who is up for a creative challenge? This inspiration came to me this morning....I was working through some beliefs I have about myself and my creativity, feeling somewhat unfortunate and unlucky (I know, remember they are beliefs, not necessarily the truth). Anyway to start working through this I began by listing all the ways I have been lucky and fortunate. A childhood saying also came to me 'Oh you're a lucky duck!'. I want to see myself as a lucky duck, being grateful for my creative talents and who I am.
So I am offering you a challenge, to express your good fortune in a creative way. Drawing, journal page, altered art,painting...... How do you feel like a lucky duck? The benefit to this challenge is a greater state of awareness and appreciation. Send me your links to your page and I'll post them, or you can send me your image. Good luck and enjoy, and I'm going to go work on my lucky duck!

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