Monday, July 2, 2007

Astro Hearts

Confidence and Strength

These paintings are 2 commissions I recently painted. They are 30 cm x 30cm, and priced at $55 each. I feel they may be the start of an ongoing series of the 12 Astrological signs. With the paintings I included information relating to the traits of the signs. And they are quite tactile with stitching around parts of the heart.....

Freedom of Spirit

Pisces is next on my list, so I'll post it when its finished.


Pam Aries said...

Wow..that's so Wild..I popped over to say hi and there is ARIES !!! How cool! What a terrific idea and of course I Love Aries !hmmm... it says confidence! ..This should be a fun series of paintings! Maybe I'll do an Aries collage for have inspired me! You are such an passionate artist.

Bronwyn said...

When you've finished with the astrological signs (I'm Gemini) you could start with the Myers Briggs personality types! See: