Friday, June 29, 2007

dreams .....


This is a painting I finished this week for the Crows Nest Art Show. The letters above her head complete the title of the painting... another 3 words. See if you can work it out (the title will not be a surprise if you know my work!) Dreams .. .... ..... Her face has a pencil and ink drawn into it, pencil patterns also.

The art show opens on 7th July until 5th August, and usually has a good range from local artists and also attracts paintings from further a field.

We're in the middle of school holidays, and I feel I have survived the wet, cold weather with my children....they have been happy to take a slower pace and cosy up. I'm still managing to get some painting done, and when the sun comes out they go for a run outside (much to the delight of our dog, Raphy! He usually curls up on the mat outside when the weather is wet.)

I came across this great quote that Jill Badonsky used in her Creative Portal Article about our shadow side (great reading by the way!)

'It is, after all, the dab of grit that seeps into

an oysters shell that makes the pearl,

not pearl making seminars with other oysters' Stephen King

I did have a chuckle after reading that!

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Bronwyn said...

Um..."Our True Ina"?! Ani?