Monday, April 2, 2007

A Slice of Life!

Me in my backyard, preparing for some on site painting!
With Easter coming up and school holidays, myself and 3 other artists Anna Bartlett,
Kym Breeze and Jackie Alves thought we'd do something special together. So we are gathering our easels, paints and brushes and heading to the Chocolate Cottage Gardens to paint for the day. Its a lovely spot where coffee goers and chocolate lovers enjoy the view. And we will be painting there on Thursday 12th of April 10am -4pm! One school mum I was sharing with said she would love to bring her children, have lunch and sit and watch us paint. How great that sounds! I would love to spend a day doing that!
We are all painting on the same size canvas -long and narrow, interpreting the scenery around us and the plan is that the paintings will be joined with horizon lines. When the 4 canvas are complete they will be displayed as one.Be interesting to see how it works as our painting styles are all different.....The display of art will continue inside the Chocolate Cottage, with our work hanging for 2 weeks from 10th April - 24th. If you are out Highfields way please call in, it is always a delightful experience at the Chocolate Cottage (just ask my children! It's right beside the school and every time I pick them up my sweet tooth daughter asks if we can go!)
Came across this great quote the other day, and I just love it.
'True Love is serving other peoples souls- not their personalities"

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