Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Belly Cast

This is a belly cast of a 38week pregnant tummy! Taking on this commission artwork was indeed a privilege, to be given such a wondrous 'task' that involved further enhancement of this very special moment in time, proved to be a delightful process.

This is the cast its original form (isn't it beautiful!)...an hours work of layering on plaster strips.
The husband and wife team did a fantastic job in their bathroom, then I got the fun bit of painting it! I built up the edges to make it a little stronger and Darryl (my husband) was able to fit a timber hanging system into the back of it so it could hang flat on the wall. Hot pink and lime green was chosen to co-ordinate with baby Mia's bedroom...and I wanted the colours to fade off and meet each other on the centre of the belly to represent the energy that was held within it.

Once the cast was painted I used lace stencils around the belly and across the breast. Butterflies were chosen my Mia's mum, who loves the symbology that they represent... transformation. A cocooning period, to then emerge as a beautiful creature gracing the winds of the Universe.

I made the butterflies with canvas, beads and wire and they are attached to the heart with ribbon, connecting these individuals who are now a family.
I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this, celebrating a loving moment in time. And will always be a visual reminder of just who wondrous it is to bring a life into this world.

"Parenting is not a payback system"


altermyworld said...

How absolutely beautiful. I really love the colours and the symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nic
I have posted your belly cast overseas to Singapore and Hong Kong. Your work is devine and needs the world to know!!! Love Jude