Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amazing "Stuff"

On Saturday, last weekend I did this totally amazing workshop with PMC, (Precious Metal Clay) with a fellow artist Liddy Timmins, at Toowoomba Pottery and Craft . Thank you Liddy, you knowledge of this medium is just as awesome as the product! PMC starts off in the form of clay, paste or in a syringe. And the clay is really just like clay! The first piece I made is pictured above, where I used a stamp and an ornament I brought from home to make an impression with, and I set in a cubic zircona ( the stones need to be flawless, so no real diamonds...) Then after the piece is made it is fired, for no longer than an hour...and then a bit of cleaning up, but basically the sterling silver piece is finished! The most bizarre thing is that even at this stage another piece of clay can be created and joined to the first, just another firing.

This pendant was created with PMC paste, and literally painted on to a piece of modeling cork that burns out in the firing,. I also used the syringe PMC to create all those fine line. I chose a stamp with the word 'trust', to remind me to trust in the Universe and let things happen as they are meant to, not how I intend.

This was the last piece of jewellery I made, from the last little bit of clay and is probably my favourite (although I have totally enjoyed wearing all of them, non stop). The thing that I most loved about this product is its unlimited possibilities. If this process interests you, take the opportunity to create with it.It really 'blew' me away, not just the product, but also the speed at which a piece can be created. Much different to traditional precious metal practices.

Liddy is holding another course on the 18th March, you can contact her here if this ignites a spark within you.

"What is yours will come to you"

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