Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still Relaxed

I feel still very relaxed and ready for Christmas, hope that feeling continues! The collage above is about a wonderful experience on my husbands boat while we were at the coast.. the first time we had all been in it. We did do a bit of fishing, just got the bait nibbled off. I really enjoyed 'wetting a line' almost thankful that I didn't hook anything!

The four of us gathered at the table the next day and were busy with our hands. I can't remember a time when we have done this before...Darryl and Cade put together a model rocket, Shaiyl created with modelling clay and I very happily cut and glued. It was SO much FUN!

I read some really interesting books while I was away too. I found 'Celebrating Your Creative Self' by Mary Todd Beam, very inspiring and I know I will enjoy using some of her techniques. The other was 'How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast' by Sandy Forster. Lots of metaphysical and practical ideas on how to create abundance, which I am testing!It follows similar thoughts to 'The Secret'.

Today I received my Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, so I've had my head down and my tail up enjoying the visual feast this beautiful magazine always provides!

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Anonymous said...

ooo ooo! I have Celebrating Yuo r Creative Self! I love it ..I also have another book of hers! I am goin to check out the 'creatin money' book you spoke of! Yay! happy creating! Merry Christmas! ~~Pam Aries