Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Sketches

Whilst we were away I felt drawn to create some collage art. I already packed my sketch book and water colour pencils, scissors, glue and a few other basics. However I didn't know what I was going to be using as collage material. On the second day, my husband and son went out on our boat fishing and so my daughter and I went shopping (as girls do!) Shaiyl found this great $2 shop, and I bought some packs of stickers, scrap booking paper (never purchased any thing like that before as I have always made up my own designed paper via the computer). It was quite liberating! I also picked up some free brochures about local events, $1 gift wrap and some junk mail. I was quite amazed at just what was easily available. And so some art emerged.

This creation is about how I locked the key in the unit whilst we were unpacking the car on our first day...and the unit manager was away until late afternoon. However it turned out great, swimmers were still in the car with towels so we hit the beach and the pool, checked out some fishing spots, where the boating ramps were and got groceries.Even saw a eagle snatch a fish from the ocean and fly off with it! I'm sure we wouldn't have done all those things if I hadn't locked the keys in the unit.... I'll post my other sketches/collages next!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nic. I've come here through Pam and may I just say WOW WOW WOW! Your art, your collages, ALL your works are fantastic and VERY inspirational. I just started scrolling and looking and reading...then I moved on to Flickr!! I now have you bookmarked for return visits. WOW!
Lisa - Oceandreamer