Friday, October 28, 2011

Emerge Art Workshop

Another great event + space to share with you!

Emerge is an online place where Australian artists starting out in their journey can promote and sell their work. And there are opportunities to have your art promoted to galleries. Brilliant!! Founding director Chantel Schott is a motivated artist who has a big vision to assist other artists, and a big heart to go with it.

February 2012, the Repertory Threatre, Toowoomba, shall host an exhibition to showcase these emerging artists. Myself and Kym Breeze are teaching weekend workshops to coincide with the exhibition. I am so excited about this event....if I can pass on helpful information throughout my workshop that can make a difference to an artist starting out, then I'm one happy camper!

I remember when I started painting and exhibiting, I had so many questions, but very few people to this is a great event for many reasons!


Tracy Verdugo said...

What a fabulous concept Nic..would love to help out or be a part of the event in some way...I've learnt a lot in the past 12 years and taken the difficult path too many times...let me know if you need anyone else to be involved and I'll check out the website as well! Have a gorgeous week!
Tracy x

verdigrisrose said...
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verdigrisrose said...
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