Monday, September 5, 2011

finding joy

pink rosette

Loads of pics being taken here today and it turned out to be so much fun. Truly I wasn't looking forward to photographing the pieces I've been making. As each one is a 'one of a Kind' I knew they deserved a number of individual pics to capture their essence. After taking some shots I found my formula and I found the joy in it too.

It was just like dressing up! I've used lots of clothing from my own wardrobe...and I love all of them dearly, either vintage finds or just absolute favourites. The jewellery too. Vintage finds, hand-me-downs, family heirlooms (treasures I've loved and no one else wants) or pieces I've made.I do so love everything in my wardrobe and jewellery box.I recently went through all my clothes and passed on anything that didn't feel right anymore.

clothes after photoshoot

Now to upload to my website. Shall keep you posted.There will be some yummy things to enjoy in my shop.

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