Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Universal Collaboration!

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Sometimes when I sign up for things I get more than what I bargained for…yep that’s the way the Universe intended it to be, I’m sure! So here’s a little reflection…

When I signed up to do Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons last year I thought I’d be learning about my arty biz. And I did, but I also learnt SO much about myself.

Kelly Rae’s words of wisdom shone a light onto my creative biz and I got to see clearly where the ‘holes’ were in my artsy biz dream. I also got to see where the holes where in me. I’d been giving myself messages that my art wasn’t good enough, or it wasn’t quite the ‘right’ art or maybe I should be making that seems to be selling, maybe, maybe, maybe…. many, many self defeating, thoughts. I felt I wasn’t making the progress that I so deeply felt in my heart.

In actual fact it was not my creativity at fault…. the other components in my art biz were unbalanced ….simply. I was unaware.

Since then I’ve been looking into the ‘holes’ to make changes. I’ve began creating art that is authentic to me. Going back to basics of creating art that makes me feel good about who I am. Now I’ve got a plan as what to do and how to do it. And that makes me feel courageous and brave in my steps.

I have a slightly more realistic biz vision and I know that my art is worthy, that what I have to contribute is valuable and my internal compass is heading North to my dream. With the some more biz knowledge in hand, more self belief and self validation, my tool box is filled with practical steps. I feel authentic and courageous. To me this is immeasurable success.

Definitely more than I bargained for…


Anna Bartlett said...

Hooray for you Nic! I put a message of my own out into the universe myself yesterday, and things have happened today that just might be the answer... it's amazing stuff. And doesn't it make your heart swell!

Nic Hohn said...

Yep, that heart swelling stuff is good! I've making more effort to ask the Universe for what I want..instead of being ok with what ever comes along. Hope your answer shows up!

Lady Di said...

Your blog posts are just what I needed this week ... such an inspiration. Many thanks. Love, Di.

Nic Hohn said...

your very welcome Di! inspiration? I have plenty of it!