Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dreaming with O...

dream  with your eyes open

dream with your eyes open~ journal page

Dearest Oprah,

It is true that you have kept me company in my art studio over the years. Listening and watching whilst drawing, gluing and painting. There was no better way for me to fill my soul. This was when I felt the connection to my best Self.

There were days when your knowledge and wisdom gave me exactly what I needed to unlock the next part of my journey. Truly, synchronicity at its best. You gave me confirmation I was on the ‘right’ track, the tools and the words to help me become the person I dream I can be.

Whilst watching your last show it did indeed feel like you were sitting in my lounge room, telling me I have an important job to do and that I need to get on with it. That my dream is worth pursuing ….because I am worth it.

Deep within my heart I know I have something special to share, a purpose beyond my own. Through my art I see others connecting to the best part of themselves…

My vision for my art is for it to reach deep inside of someone, to awaken a part of them. To connect with that special something rising inside. A heartfelt connection. It might be a feeling of being loved, a special memory returns or inspiration to make some changes in their life. Maybe it’s about just feeling so damn good about who they are that they want to keep looking, feeling…

Thank you for encouraging me to be my true soul filled self. This is who I was meant to be. And thank you for always being there when I needed you most, with the words I most needed to hear…like a true friend holding my hand, telling me “Yes, you can”.

Oprah, thank you for being all that you can be….you inspire me to be all that I can be. Truly.

With much heartfelt love

Nic Hohn

yes I emailed this to Oprah and yes I got a reply. both from O and the Universe...and I am working on being my best possible creative self I can be.

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Rumisu said...

love both your illustration and heartfelt thank you letter. wish you the best on your creative journey :)

Alison said...

Nic, isn't it amazing how many lives she touched! I once met the guy who won 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' in Australia. I was with one of my students who asked this guy what his favourite TV show was and would you believe his answer was 'Oprah'! She has that incredible capacity to touch so many lives!

michelle allen said...

love this piece and all that is going on in it. the eyes, the lettering, the doodling... the colors! :)

desha peacock said...

I love Oprah, too. made a video along with 16,000 others to have my own show and then decided to do it anyway. I like how your art is tied to dreams, intentions- I think there's a crowd of us influenced by Oprah's wisdom~