Thursday, April 7, 2011

my creative motor has had an overhaul

Embracing Venus

I've given myself a few days off. some time at a slower pace. I've had a number of due dates to get things done and they are all up to date. In the last little while I've updated my etsy shop, my flickr page, reworked my bio, prepared info for Lia at OM and developed some new workshops. After these were all done and dusted I knew it was time to step back a little and catch my breath, recharge and renew.

I've been in the place of burnt out before. When I first started painting I took on doing 2 solo exhibitions, with new work for each, within 6months of each other. I walked away from my second solo feeling deflated and questioning if I was on the right path. That lead to some major soul searching that was all good, but I recognize the value of looking after myself and my creativity.

I've been having some r+r, chai lattes and white choc + macadamia cookies, sleeping more, time away from the computer, magazine browsing, long conversation with friends on the phone and journaling. Now I feel ready to kick this creative machine over again and get the wheels turning with a renewed focus and clear direction.

Burning your creative motor out just isn't worth it.And if you've experienced it you know what I'm talking about.. I've had my grease and oil change and am gearing up for some more exciting, stretching creative motoring.


Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

I hear you. I am having my 3rd solo exhibition soon. It's suppose to be hung May 1st....I've been going like crazy for months now and I am sooooo looking forward to taking a few days off to refuel. Unless your a gallery artist and have had exhibition, people just don't know the craziness that goes into preparing for them...espeacially when your presenting new work.

Hope you refuel some more:D

Jacky said...

Glad you have had your R&R and are feeling your creative self again..... love this latest piece of art, beautiful colours.

Jacky xox