Saturday, February 5, 2011

She's doing what she loves!

this is Beth Nicholls, have you meet her yet? I wanted to give a big whole hearted shout about what she's doing. Do What You Love, retreat in the UK with a great line up of tutors at an amazing place. love this artist's work who's part of the 3 who are teaching there. theres an insightful interview with her here.

Beth is also running an e-course for those of us who can't wing our way to England....truly worth checking out.


beth said...

Thank so much Nic! So lovely to discover your gorgeous work via the blogosphere too

Audrey said...

Hey Nic,

You won't believe this..only this morning I emailed Beth & said how inspired I was by Fiona Bowley & would love to come to the retreat...& then I pop here & you're talking about it this a sign or what???! :-)

Your beautiful painting casting some ju-ju...?

Audrey xo

Lorri Lennox said...

Oh wow, I would have loved to be able to attend and meet Beth. I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire and haven't been 'home' in 40years!!

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

Hi Nic - thank you for sending me to this website via your post. Very interesting! Louise x