Friday, February 18, 2011

a bright, bright day...

me in a bright day

today has been one of those days were resolutions, rhymes and reasons why's have been popping into my head and into my being. aha's in a string full....answers to questions that I have been asking for a long time, have made themselves known. and finally getting it. on all levels.

its brought me to a place where I'm filling ok about where I've been + the amount of time its taken. I'm being ok with being in my own space. Owning it. Stepping up into it. Loving that space and what it has taught me. Being grateful...

One of the articles I read that lead me to questioning my Self was this...and this qu popped right off the page. Why am I proud of my [product] Art? I picked up a pen + logically I thought it would be a struggle, but this is what flowed out....(uncensored + a little repetitive, but hey I was in the flow!)
  • its taken me years of practice, self discovery + inner searching, patients + determination
  • its the truth of my Self expression
  • its the thing that most express who I am
  • I truly feel connected to all that is possible when I create
  • it feels my heart with joy
  • art is the place that is self accepting, loving + reflective. like a true friend who never questions why
  • i feel so deeply that it is who I am + that I am art
  • we are undeniably inseparable
  • it makes my heart flutter with joy + excitement
my whole being is swelling with possibility, from the inside out. if my art inspired me to feel this way I'd love to share that with you too can feel it from + in your heart.

and you know that I love to hear what makes you tick... why are you proud of what you create?

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Anna Bartlett said...

Very good question, dear Nic. Perhaps because it's unique - and where there was nothing, now there is something... I am hooked on the whole idea of CREATION I think...