Thursday, February 10, 2011

bookshelf makeover

blue bookshelf

this bookshelf was made about 15yrs ago by my very skilled cabinet maker was in our spare room before we were parents and then in our sons was a design we saw on a Better Homes+ gardens and I gave it a very astral theme you remember when the stars, moon + sun motifs were really popular? thats the decor we had in the room.

Now its made its way into my studio + I love it in my space. I do have a thing for white furniture + am working towards creating that in my took countless coats of paint to go over the blue.


But I love that I can use it for my books AND treasures.

watership down, my favourite!

let me guide you through some of my bookshelf goodies... my all time favourite novel 'Watership Down' I read it when I was at highschool and loved it sooo much I learnt how to play the theme song on the electric organ (they were popular instruments in the '80's) still makes my heart flutter, my rune stones and a beautiful mixed media piece from Lucy.

rainbow painting

heart shaped coral from the beach in a vintage glass. some collected shells that are all the same kind + a rainbow canvas painting my daughter created.

my first ceramic teapot I created

my first ever glazed teapot.we were on holidays one year when our son was little + I was in much need of some time out. I went to a ceramic shop and glazed this teapot. most happy with the outcome. and a cup I made from paper clay.there used to be a whole set, but unfortunately the other pieces didn't fair to well over the years.

sacred treasures

some red glass beads, a minature painting from my dear friend Maryika, a long life candle I won and a Tibetan clearing bell from my feng shui girlfriend. i use this a lot if there is any yukky energy about in the house.

dj journal

more shells. these all have holes in them ready to be wrapped or woven into something, in a bowl I glazed. yellow buttons in a vintage glass and a journal I made up with my own rhyme + reason after not getting into one of DJ's journal making workshops here in Australia.

teapot #2

yes another teapot with a crocheted doily. it pours the best tea.

bottom shelf

and on the bottom shelf volumes of arty stuff, photo albums of my art, newspaper articles I've featured in and my perceptive astrology notes.


all things dear to my heart. my studio is definitely a work in progress, one step at a time, but I love how this has all come together.


Lucy said...

Hi Nic,
Your revamped bookcase looks wonderful. It's lovely to have ones special 'things' close by.
I feel honored that you have one of my creations there!
Hugs Lucy

cypress sun said...

lovely! so bright and inviting. i love re-creating space with the things we have. i just brightened my office...and it feels so good.

Jacky said...

The bookcase looks wonderful with all of your treasures (thanks for all of those lovely pics.) Love the astral cutouts, looks great in the white (milky way white????).

Jacky xox

Jen Crossley said...

Looks awesome Nic I love how you gave the bookcase a revamp

Anna Bartlett said...

Ah, you clever thing. I still seem to need 10 bookshelves... one day I'll be more streamlined and I'll be channelling you!

Sleepandhersisters said...

Wow this looks great, so crisp and clean... and so lovely with all your treasures.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Great makeover Nic. It looks so fresh and new. I love all of your nic nacs on there too, such a lovely collection of treasures.