Thursday, December 30, 2010

a cleansing goodbye

medicine woman

Seems like there has been lots of letting go around here lately. Some has been easy, others its taken real courage to acknowledge its time to move on. BuBu has definitely a challenge for my
heart. could have been so easy to hang on to the comfort. bit like a security blanket that I have out grown, but I know this part of my of my biz no longer has a purpose.This has given me the freedom. to be whatever my heart + soul wants me to be. And then to find out my printer has gone into voluntarily liquidation. well that was confirmation I'd made the 'right' decision.

so what else am I saying goodbye to....
  • time with family after Xmas, couldn't get to Toowoomba as roads were cut by the floods.
  • a trip to Yeppon, more flood waters are keeping us at home.
  • my cupboard I found for $3. loved it when I got it, but I no longer have room for it in my studio.
  • loads of 'stuff' has already gone to the Op shop (that was easy to let go of)
  • my pink and green heart silk flags in the garden got broken, somehow....(hard!)
  • my printer has kicked the bucket.
  • arty files on my computer dating from pre 2007, can no longer open them....
A great lesson for me, helping me clean up and acknowledge what I want to keep in my life and what has expired...truly cleansing.


Anna Bartlett said...

Good on you Nic! I've still got plenty of work to do declutter my art-life. Delightful babies really do slow the progress! But you've inspired me to really get tough and get free. Here's to us!

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've come to terms with what you've missed and what you've let go. We're currently doing a home renovation, so when I finally get to refill my kitchen cupboards and cabinets, I hope I can get rid of a lot of things. I'll be evaluating everything that goes back in -- have I used it in the last year? Do I still like it? We'll see how that goes.