Thursday, September 23, 2010

some love to share.

Just when it feels like I am pushing an enormous bolder up an unbelievably steep mountain, a little ray of light shines brightly to keep the path lit. This is how I felt when I received an email today from a very special dear hearted friend Jude.

A childhood friend of Jude's passed last year after challenging her Motor Neurone Disease.They shared much together since their childhood, including Donna's ill health. For ever thoughtful Jude was always there for Donna and still is in many ways.

Jude shared with me"....Donna's memorial service is planned... Her mum, Fay has organised the whole ceremony. I am sending an Olive Tree as my Symbol of Peace to their family, a hanging Rainbow Heart remembering the Fun and Happiness she loved to share and a Candle igniting the Flame Of Love In Our Hearts, connecting us all in Soul Love of Donna . I have written on the BuBu Blossom card 'Celebrate Life'...May memories of delight arise to the Surface of Our Minds as we all celebrate life... Thank you for the perfect card Nic... I am sending the BuBu Blossom card 'Here are you Wings now take Flight' card to Donna's daughters acknowledging the freedom Donna aspired to give them all."

"She (Donna) was the one to help us all accept the fears of ill health and death!!.....share how you created your cards and how they are used to spread the creativity from the heart and how our words can ignite the heart deep within....with truth and love...this is how I feel we can empower each other." Jude

Seeing connections in this way is what truly makes me feel fulfilled and whilst this occasion may not be all pleasant, it is filled with love and light. Expressing it creatively, visually and feeling it with hand written words makes the giving/receiving even more heart warming.....a piece of love that can be forever treasured.


jacqueline said...

Dearest nic, this is such a touching and very heart warming story. Thanks so much for sharing it here with us. Loving your cards lots! You are truely an inspiration to me! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely story Nic, and so true. Isn't wonderful how art can affect lives.

Jacky said...

Thanks for sharing some of your memories of your dear friend.... what a lovely way to celebrate her life.

Jacky xox