Wednesday, September 29, 2010

gushing some goodness

Kate, a seasoned Op Shopper

The weekend workshop of "Creative Discoveries" was filled with gushing goodness. We shared much, laughed and connected on many levels. The morning started out with excited sorting + buying at a number of local Op Shops. The ladies gathered fabrics, haby, doilies and clothes to recycle into artworks or to become part of their wardrobes. We talked through possibilities of fabrics, ooed and arred of each others finds and felt like fulfilled shoppers by the end of the morning.

Claire in action, found a beautiful embroidered beaded skirt

After lunch we gathered again at my studio with journals and paints in hand. The ladies here are intensely creating their own personal then use again in more journaling pages. I am so proud of what they created. I know they were challenged, but I also knew they could stretch to achieve what I asked of them. Way to Go ladies!

Sunday's workshop was all about creating a mixed media artwork on a floating canvas with a 'skirt' of fabric layers behind. Many layers were built up with different printing techniques and runny dribbles...there was a choice of images to use (could bring your own personal image, use a mag pic or one that I provided) and this is what came together.

Kims canvas in progress

Kims Collaged Canvas Couture

Kate putting her skirt of recycled fabric together

Kates Collaged Canvas Couture

The girls went with their flow of inspiration to create another mixed media piece on paper. Again using some of the finds from the day before.

Kims Collage on Paper

Happy Kate

Look at the joy on Kates face! Isn't it priceless? Really this says it all. The ladies shared with me that their creations will definitely be hanging on their walls at home.Happy, Happy, Happy. Many creative achievements in this workshop. And it thrills me to no end that the finished art that the girls created is going to be proudly hung for all to see....thats an affirmation in itself.That they are creative and they have the ability to make beautiful art.

in progress

Kates Collage on Paper

Whilst I may not have had the number of ladies at this workshop that I had intended, the success is really in the a fact that the ladies got much creative guidance and they where able to outflow loads of their own greatness. Well done girls!


Kate said...

The workshop looked amazing and the art made wow! Incredible.

Rett said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. Love those floating canvases - absolutely gorgeous!