Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creative Discoveries

Creative Discoveries Workshop

I've put together my most favourite creative elements into a weekend workshop. Its going to be a great's what we'll get up to! 25th-26th September, in Hervey Bay.

Vintage Discoveries.... Come on a fun excursion with me, to some of the choice Opportunity Shops in Hervey Bay. You'll learn how to find the best materials to use for mixed media artworks and what to look for in a vintage piece, either to recycle or wear. You'll be given a huge range of on-site tips to make the most of your opportunity shopping.

Journal Discoveries.... Learn how to Journal your discoveries, where we will build up layers of backgrounds and textures, blend colours, cut and paste to complete feminine, affirming images and messages. This workshop is being held in my own you'll be surrounded by much inspiration!

Collaged Canvas Couture.... Discover how to create a tactile hanging artwork with collage, on canvas. Using art techniques that include loose painting, stenciling, mono printing and hands on doodling. Combine this with some machine stitching and recycled fabrics to create a loose strip 'skirt' to hang behind and complement the canvas.

I'd love to see you there, so if any or all of these workshops appeal to your sense of creative adventure you can check out further details at my website. or email me!


Anna Bartlett said...

Sounds terrific Nic (have just read your very friendly email too). Have a great time with your Hervey Bay ladies!

jacqueline said...

Nic, thse are fantastic and i wish i stay close to join in your workshops! I just know it's gonna be so much fun and inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Jo Wholohan said...

did someone say op shops??? sounds fantastic nic!!!! xx

Suzanne said...

That sounds wonderful. Please tell us how it went.